Ashantga Yoga : How To Do Eye Exercise To Improve Eyesight

Benefits: Eye exercises are extremely beneficial to strengthen the muscles of the eyes, improving vision, enhancing eye movements and stimulating the vision center.

Various types of eye exercises can teach you how to control your eye muscles and to see well. There are different types of eye exercises which are prescribed, depending on the patient’s age and existing eye problems. Healthy vision is one of our cherished treasures.

Eye exercises are not that time consuming-just 15-20 minutes a day would be sufficient. These simple eye exercises would really help you a great deal in decreasing stress and tiredness of the eyes, apart from reducing vision problems. 

So, let us take a look at some of the exercises given below and learn how they would really help us. 

Watch this Yoga Exercise Video to improve Eyesight

1) Up and down Movements: (This exercise helps the upper and lower eye ball muscles to balance) • Move the eyes upwards and downwards 10-20 times. • While you move your eyes upwards, inhale. • While you move your eyes downwards, exhale. After the exercise has been completed, close the eyes and start Palming. 

2) Sideways Viewing: (This exercise corrects and prevents a squint. It also eases the strained muscles, which are a result of excessive reading and working on a computer) • Keep the position of your head straight ahead of you. Whatever you focus on, should be at the level of your eyes. • Start moving your eyes to the left and to the right, without letting your head move at all. • Repeat this exercise 10 to 20 times. Once done, relax by closing your eyes and then start Palming. 

3) Diagonal Movements (This exercise improves the coordination of the eye muscles) • First move your eyes right, up, left and downwards. This should be done 10-20 times. Then rest your eyes for a while, by closing them and then start press and release Palming. • Next move your eyes left, up, right and downwards. This should also be done 10-20 times. Then rest your eyes by closing them for a while. Then start press and release Palming.

4) Rotational Viewing: (This exercise is wonderfully effective. It can restore clarity, strengthen eye muscles and improve vision) • Move the eyes in a clockwise motion, up, right, down and left. Do this 10-20 times and then close your eyes and relax. Then start the Constant pressure Palming • Move the eyes in an anti-clockwise motion, up, left, down and right. Do this 10-20 times and then close your eyes and relax. For more such videos subscribe to our channel

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